Converter of Paperboard Sheets & Rolls


Plain Chipboard
folding_cartonWe stock calipers from .012″ through .046″. The most common grade of material, plain chipboard’s typical uses include: Separator & divider sheets, dust covers, folding cartons, writing pad backers, even piƱata’s!Our standard material is consistent in color and specifications providing repeat-ability from each run to ensure your product always looks the same. Our Utility grade material is a great low-cost solution for pallet covers and layer separation.chipboard

linerboardWe stock prime linerboard in 42# basis weight (.010″-.012″) and 69# basis weight (.016″-.019″ thickness). This sheet provides excellent stiffness and protection when used for pallet covers, separator sheets or as a protective layer in boxed items.Consistant in quality and color, linerboard is a great material for producing lightweight cartons, particularly when printed.

(Poly two sides / Solid Bleached Sulfate)
poly-coatPaperboard included in this group are: cupstock, milk carton stock and SBS. We only stock material which is Poly Coated on both sides, however it is also available with a Poly Coating on only one side.

Pasted Chip & Pasted SBS
Stocked in thickness ranging from .060″ to .120″ this heavy-duty material is used in a variety of applications requiring extra rigidity including: automotive interior parts, point of purchase displays, and provides supreme protection when shipping photographs.pasted1
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